Commercial Open Frame Touch Displays with Windows OPS PC Slot


(22”-55”) Other sizes available on request

Interactive touch solution with open frame and integrated Windows options available; ideal for kiosk integration or wall-mounted applications

10-Point PCAP Touch Screen

10-Point PCAP Touch Screen

500cd/m² Brightness

Commercial Grade IPS panel

24/7 Commercial Grade

Optional Windows OPS PC

Optional Micro Adjustment Open Frame Bracketet

Surface Plasma Treatment

Landscape/Portrait Orientation

Integrated Speakers

Lifetime Technical Support

3-Year Warranty

Open Frame Option

With two integrated Android media players, these displays can output two separate signals simultaneously. This allows different content to be displayed on each screen at the same time so you can make double the impact.

Optional Integrated Windows PC

Easily transform this solution from an interactive touch monitor into a fully integrated all-in-one Windows touch screen simply by inserting an OPS PC into the built-in slot, with no cables required. To prevent theft or damage, this can be secured with a hex security screw.

10-Point PCAP Touch

Having up to 10 touch points allows users to perform a variety of touch gestures, including manipulating images and zooming in/out - much like you would with a domestic tablet or smart phone. It also allows multiple users to interact with the screen at the same time.

24/7 Commercial Use

These monitors are designed for continuous use in public spaces, able to be used 24/7 for over 70,000 hours. Built using true commercial grade components and having undergone rigorous quality control testing, they offer a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Surface Plasma Treatment

A special oleophobic coating makes the glass front more resistant to the oily residue left by fingerprints and improves the smoothness of touch gestures. Unlike other touch screens on the market, this glass is not etched, which vastly enhances the optical clarity.

500cd/m² IPS Panel

With a brightness of 500cd/m², these monitors are ideal for brightly-lit public spaces. Plus, commercial grade IPS technology ensures accurate image quality and colour depth with no fall-off in colour accuracy, as well as achieving ultimate lifelike colour temperature in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Complete Monitor Solution

Giant Tablet Styling

A stylish edge-to-edge glass face, rounded corners, aluminium surround with unique concave indent profile, and thin black border deliver a captivating tablet-like aesthetic. The protective tempered glass face and mild steel enclosure also increase the durability of the display, protecting the LCD panel and other internal components from potential damage in public spaces. budget friendly

Budget Friendly Touch Monitor

For projects where interactivity is required but costs need to be kept to a minimum these displays are perfect. If you have your own PC or media player and need to add a stylish touch screen monitor, look no further. Simply connect your media source via HDMI and USB and away you go.

Integrated Speakers

For applications that require an audio element, these monitors feature two integrated slimline speakers.