Android Double-Sided Freestanding Digital Poster

Maximise window displays by broadcasting content inwards and outwards, even in direct sunlight

55" Double-sided Digital Poster

Perfect for Window Displays

With a 3,500cd/m² outward-facing screen to combat direct sunlight and a 1,000cd/m² inward-facing screen to combat brightly-lit indoor spaces, these dual-sided displays are designed for shopfront windows. On top of this, they are also ultra resistant to blackening defect up to 110°C.

Different Content on Each Side

When using our user-friendly online CMS software, you can really capitalise on the duality of these displays by broadcasting different content on each side. Tailor your messaging to people inside and outside the building for maximum effectiveness.

Double Sided Display

Brightness3,500 cd/m²

24/7 Usage

Plug and Play

Easy Install

Wide Viewing Angle

Integrated Ceiling Mount

Ultra Resistant Blackening 110˚C

Ambient Light Sensor

temperature control

Lightweight Aluminium

Freestanding Version Available

Optional Network Upgrade

Lifetime Technical Support

3-Year Warranty

Lightweight Slim Enclosure

Thanks to their streamlined design, these innovative displays feature a slim depth, minimal cord clutter, and high energy efficiency. Plus, not only is the aluminium enclosure incredibly lightweight for easy installation, it also has high thermal conductivity. This allows rapid heat loss, improving overall performance and increasing lifespan.

Integrated Android Media Player

The integrated Android media player allows you to easily update on-screen content via USB plug and play. Alternatively, upgrade your screen to be networked without needing any additional hardware to unlock our cloud-based CMS software. Third-party software can be installed instead if required.

Ultra Resistant to Blackening

Thanks to their special ultra-high brightness panels, these displays can withstand surface temperatures up to 110˚C without suffering from any blackening defect. This is crucial for outward-facing window displays, which must contend with exposure to direct sunlight.

Other Colours Available

Although these displays come in crisp white as standard, which offers a clean, modern aesthetic making them ideal for environments such as retail stores and pharmacies, the enclosure can also be customised to any colour you desire.

Freestanding Option Available

For projects where hanging installation is not possible, these versatile displays can also be transformed into a freestanding solution using the optional floor stand. No matter which mounting option you go for, an easy install is guaranteed.

Smart Temperature Control

The responsive internal airflow system keeps the panel and other internal components at optimum working temperature. This ensures a long and reliable life for your screen, even when used continuously in outward-facing windows.

Accessible Ports

To prevent tampering, the AV ports are recessed into the top of the enclosure. However, they are still accessible for easy content updates via USB plug and play. This design strikes the perfect balance between user-friendliness and commercial use.