Rod Powered Digital Signage Screens for Window Display

Bring estate agent windows to life with this state-of-the-art digital signage technology that replaces traditional light pockets

Rod Powered Displays

Sunlight Readable

Illuminated LED Frame

Rear Graphic Pocket

Android Media Player

Plug and Play

24/7 Usage

Network Upgrade

Wide Viewing Angle

Multi-Screen Synchronisation

Integrated speakers

Full HD

Lifetime Technical Support

3-Year Warranty

Free Network Upgrade

The capability of updating this screen remotely over the internet is included at no extra cost. Just choose the software subscription package that suits yours needs so you can realise the benefits of our online content management system.

Rod Powered Displays

No mains cable is required to provide power as these innovative screens are powered via the rods on which they are mounted. Achieve a clean and seamless installation with no cables whatsoever for a modern and sleek feel.

Digital Light Pockets

Catch the attention of passers-by and potential customers with these 1,000cd/m² high brightness LCD digital light pockets. Ideal for combining with static light pockets in window displays to provide eye-catching motion alongside printed signage

1,000cd/m² Brightness

Brightness is paramount when using outward facing screens, these displays use commercial grade high brightness panels (1,000cd/m²); almost 4 times brighter than a standard home TV to allow easy readability in window displays.

Rear Graphics Pocket

On the rear of the Digital Rod Displays there is a pocket that a printed graphic can be inserted into to really maximise on the space used. This can be removed if necessary but comes as standard at no extra cost.

LED Frame

The Digital Rod Displays have an attractive LED illuminated bevelled edge to compliment traditional static light pockets seamlessly.

Android Media Player

The built-in HD Android media player allows you to update content via USB plug and play or via the internet without needing any additional hardware. You can also install third-party Android apps if required, including a host of estate agent property management software.

Synchronise Media Player

Synchronise your content across multiple Digital Rod Displays in the same window display. You can achieve the effect of one large image or video across multiple screens or have content playing and transitioning in perfect unison.

USB Plug and Play

If you don’t want to use our online CMS these displays can be updated quickly and easily by copying your images and videos over via USB stick. Even if you are using the network option this is a great backup if there are any internal network related issues.

FREE Network Upgrade and 1 Year Subscription

We have packaged this display with a free network upgrade and 1 year subscription to our online CMS software. As you don’t have to touch the display to update it this is a truly contactless solution. You can also purchase 3 additional year’s subscription at the point of purchase or make a one off payment for a lifetime licence.